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img_bkg_h1.gifWant to Become an   Franchisee ?

American Electric Bike & Scooter, has a number of business opportunities to offer the interested investor.

A Franchise Program focusing on cycle sales and leasing; this program also includes rental programs for tourist and inner-city areas.

A. The Company:

American Electric Bike & Scooter LLC. is a manufacturing company that has spent 5 years of research validating a proprietary series of high quality, low-cost electric bicycles and scooters for distribution to the American consumer market.

We are committed to advanced technology for the electric age of transportation, and further committed to offerings that exceeds today’s environmental “green” standards.

The American Electric Bike & Scooter philosophy is to serve the growing population of American consumers that seek fuel efficient vehicles for fun and work. With fuel costs being as unstable as they are and with the effects of global warming, we believe that the timing is perfect for a “Green, Lean Transportation Machine”. Heightened economic pressures within our American and global markets presents an opportunity for American Electric Bike & Scooter to capture the secondary market for electric transportation. American Electric Bike & Scooter has assembled a complete line of electric motor bikes and scooters to meet the growing demands of the environmentally conscious consumer.

The complete line of American Electric Bike & Scooter are economical to use, quiet, and are non-pollutant. We have an easy entry “Franchise” business perfectly suited for the individual or group that recognizes that “inexpensive electric transportation is here and now”. CLICK HERE FOR COSTS.

B.  Background Information:


Ownership & Corporate Format: American Electric Bike & Scooter LLC has been doing research and development in electric transportation for more than 5 years.


History of the Business: The electric mode of transportation has been widely used in 3rd world countries for many years. The value of saving money and the environment has first come to the forefront here in the U.S. in the last couple of years.


The Franchisor: Has led the research side to manufacture quality products for the American market.


Industry Overview: The electric bike & scooter industry will expand dramatically in the next decade. Individuals and businesses alike will demand inexpensive and efficient transportation while being environmentally “green”.


Benefits of the Franchise Approach: While the bicycle industry is quite fragmented and the electric bicycle business is almost non-existent, having a reputable name in the industry will allow all franchisees the benefit of a growing asset value.


Objectives: To make American Electric a synonymous name with electric transportation. The strategy of multiple franchises offering similar programs around the U.S. is paramount to these goals.


Implementation Timeline: The management at American Electric Bike & Scooter expects to be in place with multiple franchised locations as well as partnered corporate Franchise locations by the 4th quarter 2009.


Future opportunities: Once the franchised locations are in place, AEB will implement their entrance into other markets, with the tricycle for the senior and disabled markets.

C. The Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship


Support Provided by Franchisor: There is much support and benefits when a relationship has been formed between the two entities. The franchisor continues to provide market proven electric vehicles and operating formats. In addition, the franchisor provides branded proprietary products, volume purchasing discounts, nationwide marketing support, management counseling and training.


Responsibilities of the Franchisee: For all of us to capture the marketplace, performance requirements will be expected. Fees and minimum sales goals will also be expected.

D. Products and Services:


Overview: AEB will offer all franchisees the opportunity to purchase a varied menu of different electric vehicles for different purposes. This comes along with the six models that are part of the original franchise package. All vehicles are designed to go up to 20MPH, thereby eliminating the need for Motor Vehicle registration and licensing.


Description of Products:


Scooter – a beautiful crafted and quality strong fiberglass electric vehicle that is “road ready” with a horn, front headlights, rear lights, and brake & signal lights.


Crossovers – A beautiful practical inexpensive runabout that is perfect for the urban dweller. It’s strong, easy to operate and is a perfect candidate for the “Franchise Program”.


Bicycle – It looks and feels just like a regular American neighborhood type bike with one exception. It operates both electrically, as a bike, or a combination of both. It provides the perfect blend of exercise, comfort and speed.


Tricycle – The market for this strong 3-wheeler is perfect for the senior and disabled marketplace. The low-cost electric motor respects the feelings and needs of America’s seniors.

E. Management, Staffing, Strategic Partners & professional Support


Management Team: The higher management team has many years of automobile renting experience and successful management know-how in growing a business.


Staffing: Presently, AEB is adequately staffed to meet its present day needs. However, once the effort continues and the company and systems grow, we will add to the team of experienced franchise personnel.


Strategic Partners: These are companies who are already in the Franchise and in the tourist related businesses. They comprise a list of famous hotels, resort venues, tourist sightseeing companies and other entities in related businesses.


Professional Support: AEB enjoys the benefit of its close association with professional specialists in the franchising industry.

F. Operations


Hours & Days of Operation: All franchised locations will remain open from early morning to late at night. The locations should at all times have a 24-hour help line for those in need after regular office hours. Those locations located in total resort areas and in cold temperate climates, should operate as weather permits.


Location & Facilities: When picking a location, make sure it’s customer base is nearby and that a traffic count is available. When picking a facility, make sure you have adequate storage room for immediate sales, leasing and Franchises. The facility should be properly wired for computer, electric and room for minor repairs. Having a nearby storage facility to hold additional equipment is necessary for growth.


Licensing, Permitting & Other Regulatory Issues: Make sure that within your given franchised area, your business is properly permitted, zoned, etc.


Other Operational Issues: Just check with your local city planners and DMV for any additional areas of concern that might exist.

G. Marketing


Marketing Targets: The customer is primarily the young environmentally concerned college student to the baby boomer generation. The customers are located on and near college campuses as well as near or in urban areas. In general, they are people who need transportation but who are very concerned about gas emissions, low costs, and the environment.


Distribution: The easiest way for us to sell our product is through franchised distribution stores throughout the United States. The Franchise Program will develop two-fold, one utilizing the established franchised location and one utilizing the partnership between corporate/franchisor and the Franchise operator.


Competitive Environment & Positioning: Direct competition to the American Electric Bike & Scooter business model as of now does not exist. However, purchasing an electric bike from the internet is available as well as from a few bicycle stores around the country. AEB is positioning itself to brand its cycles in every aspect of electric transportation.


Marketing Tactics: AEB will utilize as many tools as possible to maximize the growth of the American Electric Bike & Scooter model. Every medium will be used including trade shows, print, TV, radio, and public relations. In reality, we believe that this concept will spread fast, from business person to business person.

H. Financial Summary


Sales: We have provided a visual presentation of each sales category, selling, leasing and renting.


Profits: The results speak for themselves.


Expenses: This will vary as to the program you choose and whether you are an owner operator vs. a general investor. All options do demonstrate a profitable bottom line.


Proforma: Attached.

“Mobility on Demand”, is based on the premise that in the future, urban motorists will buy a service, not a product. Tomorrow’s cities can’t tolerate more cars. It’ll be easier than one thinks, going from one place to another.

For the tourist: Enjoy car free, easy safe riding along the scenic bike paths of the city, resort, beaches and along the wonderful paths of the rivers and parks.

Saving Money: Whether you take your own car, train it or taxi it. Nothing is less expensive than a quick and easy American Electric Franchise scooter ride.

Hassle Free: Easy to park, locks are provided, just park it and lock it, right at your destination. No walking, no climbing, simple, direct and easy.

A quick run to a meeting, store, or friend: It’s easy, safe and fun to drive. Remember, that American Electric Bikes & Scooters are classified as bicycles, so they can go anywhere.

Rent it by the hour, day or week: The AEB & Scooter are so ecology friendly you can even run it inside your home, office, warehouse or factory.


AE Bike Franchise Options:

1. What does it cost? – The franchise fee is $39,900. This fee by itself offers sufficient inventory, promotional materials and marketing strategies to get started.
2. What do I get? – The Franchisee will receive:
(12) E Bikes

(4) E Trikes – senior or disabled market

  • Each E Bike & E Trike comes with:

    • Operators manual
    • Locks
    • Toolkit
    • 5 Sets of Keys
    • Front & Rear Basket

(4) 2X3 color Posters (different bikes and scooters) for interior
(2) 3X8 color banners – Indoor & outdoor
*  Nova Point of Sale system software ($129/mo thereafter)

* Store renderings and 3rd party Franchise Program renderings

* American Electric Bike & Scooters will match funds up to $5,000 for initial grand opening advertising, matching  Franchisee’s $5,000

* Comprehensive Training

- Bike setup & maintenance

- Sales techniques

3. What Documentation Templates are provided?

  • Website

  • Rental agreement form

  • Bill of sale form

  • Disclaimer form

  • Sample Ads for local advertising

  • Tri-fold Brochure

 Sales Opportunity Programs


Sales – complete manuals on product descriptions and sales techniques


Franchises – complete business plan on how to organize 3rd party participation for tourist and  inner city programs


Insurance – We have ties with national insurers to offer physical damage insurance


Available – Additional line of customized electric vehicles for varied business and leisure usage

Additional Franchise Fees & Options


Additional Locations = $20,000 per locationGeneral population territory = Available upon request


Fees:  5% of gross monthly revenues


Advertising: 3% of gross monthly revenues





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