About Us

img_bkg_h1.gif Let us tell you our story:

American Electric Bike & Scooter LL C., is a company that has spent 5 years of research validating a proprietary series of quality low-cost electric bicycles and scooters for distribution to the American consumer market, as well as World-wide.

We are committed to advanced technology for the electric age of transportation, and further committed to offerings that exceeds today’s environmental (green) standards.

The American Electric Bike & Scooter philosophy is to serve the growing population of American consumers that seek fuel efficient vehicles for fun and work. With fuel costs being as unstable as they are and with the effects of global warming, we believe that the timing is perfect for a “Green Lean Transportation Machine”. Heightened economic pressures within our American and global markets presents an opportunity for American Electric Bike & Scooters to capture the secondary market for electric transportation. American Electric Bike & Scooters has assembled a complete line of electric motor bikes and scooters (we call them AE-Bikes) to meet the growing demands of the environmentally conscious consumer.

The complete line of American Electric Bike & Scooters are economical to use, quiet, and are non-pollutant. We have an easy entry business perfectly suited for the individual or group that recognizes that “inexpensive electric transportation” is here and now.

We love what we do and we will continue our mission for the years to come. Go Green!!


The American Electric Team.



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