“Changing Transportation”

Our mission is to provide the market alternative transportation solutions by bringing GREEN vehicles to it.

Our main focus is to increase the number and variety of electric bikes, scooter and automobiles available to mainstream consumers in the Americas and World-Wide, providing cost-effective Eco-friendly vehicles that would bring total satisfaction and great benefits to the final customer, as well as to the planet.

We’re catalyzing “Change of Transportation” in the transportation industry by innovating the way people commute to their regular destinations. We begin our  mission by providing a new option for short distance transportation based on 4 important points:

  1. The Freedom to Ride: The vehicle needs to be practical with a high level of autonomy.

  2. Reliability in Simplicity: The vehicle needs to be safe and easy to use.

  3. Style and Design: The vehicle needs to be attractive and easy to customize.

  4. Save the World One Vehicle at a Time: The zero-emission vehicle needs to respect the environment.


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