Warranty & Service

American Electric backs up your product in times of need.

We understand problems occurr and solutions are required, thats why we offer our customers top-of-the-line Warranty.

 Warranty (last updated 03/07/2012)

American Electric Motors offers a 1 year factory warranty and motor, electrical, and frame. We also offer a 30 limited bumper-to-bumper manufacturers warranty on all scooters and accessories on all models that are purchased from an authorized dealer and up to 90 days on certain listed parts. Original purchase receipt required.

American Electric will NOT offer any warranty on any products purchased from second hand sellers, non authorized American Electric Dealers, products purchased used roughly, or products that are purchased via outlet centers. Additionally,  Warranty does not apply if Ae-Bike, Ae-Trike (or any of the products) is manipulated, modified or tweaked. American Electric Motors will offer free lifetime technical support access on these products. If parts are needed, those parts may be purchased at retail price from American Electric Bike & Scooter.

American Electric also offers a 60-day warranty on any moving parts including the following: pedals, cranks, rear box, mirrors and front basket.

The warranty starts the day the scooter is delivered to you. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. American Electric will pay for standard shipping service costs on the first warranty shipment only. Any additional warranty parts that are needed will require the customer to pay all shipping costs.

 Battery Warranty: We offer a full 6-month even trade warranty on defective batteries.

Selected 1 year battery warranty models include:

Models: Ae-bike 2011, Ae-bike 2012 , Ae-trike

If any battery should become faulty within the specified warranty period we will replace the battery free of charge. American Electric requires that defective batteries be returned to us for exchange. American Electric does not pay the shipping fee’s to return the batteries to us however we will pay to ship the replacement batteries back to you. If you have questions about our warranty, please contact our support department by opening a ticket only. A friendly and knowledgeable representative will get back to you quickly. Our support department hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 6PM.

*Warranty does not include labor. (Labor rate: $25/hour)

Limited Warranty Details:

What is covered & what is not covered:
1. Shipping damage: Should your item arrive with damage that is a direct result of the assigned shipping carriers mishandling, American Electric Motors will replace those damaged parts free of charge under warranty as long as the damage is reported immediately after delivery. In the event that the damage is determined to be extensive, (digital photos may be required by e-mail), at American Electrics discretion and after careful consideration, American Electric may arrange to have the item picked up and returned to American Electric Motors for free replacement. American Electric Motors will provide technical support via phone or through our Support Help Desk to assist customers with the replacement of parts but will not pay labor charges to install such parts.
2. Tires, tubes & kick stands: These items are NOT covered unless they are damaged as a result of shipping.
3. During your applicable warranty period: American Electric Motors will replace any defective part free of charge and free of shipping charge to the end user of the scooter. American Electric Motors may require certain parts to be returned to American Electric Motors before replacing those parts. Shipping costs back to American Electric Motors must be paid for by the end user / customer. Call tags will never be issued.

Policies 101

We want to make sure you understand all the information as well as value-added services and policies we have for you. That’s why we designed a 4-page summarized version of what you need to know about American Electric Bike & Scooter policies on Customer Service, Returns & Refunds, Warranty and Regulations. We strongly recommend you read this easy-to-read file that will give you an overall view of our policies.

Go paperless; Download the .pdf file right here!

American Electric Policies 101

If you have additional questions, you may call us at (305) 767 3289, send us an email to info@americanelectricmotors.co or visit one of our locations, and one of our representatives will gladly help you in all you need.

Happy Riding! Go Green!


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